A profound Business lesson

One of my all time favorite characters is Mullah Nasrudin. He is one character that besides being witty is the most practical; always means business, provided solutions in ever so subtle manner. This guy is definitely the best among equals in the same genre; namely Birbal, Tanali Ramam & many more.

Over the years I have learnt so much by reading Mullah’s stories. Let me share with you an interesting anecdote.

Long ago, one day Mullah Nasrudin was looking for something next to a lamp post in the street. A friend saw him and asked what he was doing. The Mullah said, “I’m looking for my key which I lost.” The friend decided to help and started searching for it under the lamp post along with Mullah.

Half an hour later the friend asked, “Are you sure you dropped your key here?”

Nasrudin replied, “Oh no! I lost it inside my house in my bedroom.”

The friend screamed, “Why in hell then, are you searching it here?”

Nasrudin smiled and said, “There’s much more light here than in my bedroom.”

Well at the surface this is just a witty story. But scratch a little & you will find a profound business lesson. ‘Lost key’ in the story is the ‘Problem statement’, ‘a business problem’. Mullah’s effort to find the lost key is nothing but a manager’s attempt to “Solve a problem statement”.

And then Mullah by searching lost key at a lamp post though he lost it in his bedroom points to umpteen failed attempts that so many managers make just because they tend to find solutions in territories which are not even remotely related to problem statement. How many times does it happen that mangers continue to work on trivial many while vital few remain hidden in zones of darkness?

And if this is not all, Nasrudin also talks about the importance of visibility which is nothing but importance of data driven decision making.

What a lesson!!!…. your thoughts pls

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