Series : My friends Lets take a pledge

The other day, “Sachin Manan” wrote to me … really!!… why are you rolling your eyes?….(just in case you did not notice sachin manan is me myself) this is not the first time … & just to tell you all if you are scorpion you might want to check out “horror-scope”, forecast page of HT city, Sunday 12th January…. it says & so rightly, “Your inner equilibrium is upset…..” …

Here’s a list of things that I want to practice in 2014 because i believe that these are virtues that is going to help India in its journey of becoming a Super Power…. I share the first 2 today…







1. Dis – RESPECT WOMAN : A married friend who’s in a middle of a steaming extramarital affair told me yesterday, “JO PAKDA JAYE VO CHOR” (loosely means: Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught). This shows our mindset which if i have summarize comes out like, “Do not respect woman, treat them like an object. Grope, assault, Rape, exploit & leer at a woman whenever you like. And by the way remember God made this creature to breed our BABY BOYS”…. I want Indians to help me strike-through Dis  & make India a country that Respects its Woman. – tough? – No – Let’s take a pledge

images (1)








2 PEE Every – Where : When i gotta pee, i gotta pee… So i will stop my car in the middle of a road, and will contribute in creating much needed work for MCD (Municipal Council of Delhi). & if just to protect my walls I have nicely designed tile of SACRED COW. Check out for graffiti on Roads, footpaths, walls, balconies. ….. I want Indians to help me strike through Every & make India a country that PEE where it is meant to PEE – tough? – No – Let’s take a pledge

to be continued…………… (feel free to add to the list)

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