Series Part 2 : My friends Lets take a pledge

A quick summary of Part 1 : Dis – Respect Woman & PEE Every-where … we Indians must strike through Dis & Every from our daily routines. Now, let’s move to next two that I want to practice in 2014…

3. Traffic Rules  🙂 Rules are meant to be broken – I am a busy man, i must take this call. My car has power steering & i am good at multitasking… So i will take this call. Seat belts are weapons to be used when my road rage takes over, not to mention that i usually wear well creased shirt.  I honk because i am in a hurry, so much to do in such less time. In 2014  I want Indians to help me strike-through all this & make India a country that understands that Red is to stop (not check if there is a policeman, else accelerate), Orange is to wait (not just push it a little more, you will get through). – tough? – No – Let’s take a pledge 


4. Don’t Vote : Simple, “if i don’t vote government doesn’t represent me. Because all governments are & will always be dishonest unlike me I choose not to vote”…. whatever that means… 2014 is year of elections… & we must vote. I want Indians to help me strike through “Don’t” & just go out and VOTE. We now have option of “None of the above” as well… use that if you none represents you but VOTE –  tough? – NO – Let’s take a pledge 

 To be continued … Please add to the list

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