Part 3- Concluding – Series : My friends Lets take a pledge

As always lets start with summary from the last 2 posts first: 

1. Dis – RESPECT WOMAN 2. PEE Every – Where 3. Traffic Rules  🙂 Rules are meant to be broken. 4. Don’t Vote 

& now the last one that i think is equally important for all of us :


5. Dis -E- courage Entrepreneurship : we have been doing this since time immoral.Primarily because my father continues to remind me as his father did when he was my age & i am sure my grandfather’s father did the same that 9 out of 10 start ups fail within the first year of inception. Just don’t take the risk. The beauty is that only few like me see a silver lining in this statement, “all i have to do is survive the first year”. But that’s me, not all Indians are fools, they like to live by a template, “POLITICIAN KA BETA POLITICIAN, ACTOR KA BETA ACTOR, CHOR KA BETA CHOR….. etc etc”. Hence a template, get a degree, get a job, get a car, get a house, pay EMI, leave money for family, Die. Well, tough but i really want Indians to help me strike through Dis, add “E” to courage and make it encourage Entrepreneurship. Tough – No – Let’s take a pledge

The list is not exhaustive. Maybe next year, may be next month i will add to the list, but currently in my view these are the five most important things that we must change. 

I request you all to kindly continue to add to this list 


कुछ कहना चाहोगे ?

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