What’s Trending : Muzaffarnagar is giving birth to Platoon of “SUICIDE BOMBERS”


Do you know what’s trending in Muzaffarnagar (UP, India) these days? No, this trend not in daily newspaper; is neither debated on news channels nor discussed among informed/intelligent Indians. It is also not trending on twitter, tumblr or Facebook. But people in Muzaffarnagar are murmuring that a small town in UP is giving birth to a platoon of “SUICIDE -BOMBERS”.

Want to know about Muzaffarnagar roits watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqSLFn4TvX0

They claim that battered & bruised youngsters, under the influence of various charismatic religious leaders will soon choose a straightforward route to self-fulfillment. Many of them will soon board planes or trains, with the intention of killing as many civilians as possible?

I am not worried whether or not we will be able to stop them. I know like Fenians (Irish anarchist group), Macedonians, Hindu nationalists (among them the killers of Mahatma Gandhi), Fascists, Maoists, Guevarists, Red Brigades, Red Army Fractions, Palestinians and even al-Qaeda’s jihadists we will FAIL in STOPPING them.

What I am worried about is that is this going to end? … EVER? & What I am terrified about is the truth is that wave is never going to pass, it will merely change.

You call them anarchists and define them as people who believe in no government or you call them jihadists and define them as people who believe in imposing a particularly rigid form of government on everyone; their followers are & will continue to take to the BOMB. Men seized with a sense of injustice, or purpose, or hatred, or inadequacy, will continue to resort to bloodshed

We will catch a few; sometimes we will catch them even before the terrible act. That will argue for excellent intelligence and police work. I am sure at times we will resolve some of their grievances that they lend as justification for their attacks. That will argue for good political action. But the wave will never end. What do you think?


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