So 20% Management Quota in Unaided schools now stands scrapped in Delhi, India. Some say this is prevention of commercialization of education. Others claim that like any other business why education can’t be subject to the profit motive?









May be it is actually a step towards prevention of commercialization of education. But why do we need to take such a step? If school is a legitimate business option that private parties wish to engage in & if governing body is not getting any subsidy or funding from the government then isn’t it rightful , justifiable and genuine for School to decide on who & how admission will be granted?

India’s Minister of State for HRD,  went on to welcome the abolition of management quota for nursery admissions and said, “Management quota was being misused in the past and opportunities for education for general public were not fair”. This coming from “crony capitalist” minister who a while ago degraded, humiliated general public by calling them “Cattle class” is only ironic. Maybe he just wanted to sound politically correct at least once. Anyways that’s not the point of discussion.

During one of many discussions with one of my dear capitalist friend, he said(I know he’s a follower of my blog & will have a smile on his face while reading this) “Banning Management quota on pretext of misuse is just like our cribbing about  a Doctor who generally charge a premium for his/her diagnostics. It is like telling educational institutions that just because you are in the field of education you have no right to make profit. And even if the argument is that profit is ok but too much profit is not, let me know what the definition of ‘too much’ is?”

He then added, that the basic intention and the expectation of a businessman (& private Educational institutions, Doctors, Hospitals are also legitimate business options) is that their capital will flow back to them; increased, or more precisely: with a profit. imagesIf profit doesn’t beckon, what is the point in putting any capital? Why double standards of profit: considered as fair in case of giants like Reliance, TATA but unfair in case of educational institutions.



While my socialist, communist mind disagrees with most of what my dear friend is saying, help me with a robust argument to counter him. Share inputs.

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