Shun Politicians/Media or else Communal Riots are just round the corner friends. I bet India will burn just before elections


No I am not going to substantiate why I am ready to bet my life that communal tension will flare up soon & to be precise just before national elections.

Instead what I am going to give you is a post on “real life story” that some brilliant writer will sure write after the riots. Someone once said, “There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns, patterns hidden by patterns, patterns within patterns. If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself.” We all have lived through so many such patterns that’s its extremely easy to create a blueprint.

Here’s the blueprint:-


The Alis are a Muslim family living in a large ancestral house and running a small manufacturing business in the city populated by Muslims, Sikhs & Hindus. The family is headed by Rasool Ali who heads the family business, & is active in local politics as well.

Rasool Ali has two sons, the elder Nasir (married), who helps him in the business, and Raza a young college student.

Just after the riots believing that there was no future for Muslims in the city Rasool’s elder son Nasir decides to move out to new city.

Rasool resists the notion of moving, believing that peace and harmony would return soon, besides which, he has to care for their ageing father, who refuses to leave the house of his forefathers.

Raza, the young college going son, stays on with his father.


After the riots situation for Muslim businessmen in the city deteriorates & unable to raise capital to finance production, Rasool’s business suffers. On the other hand Nasir finds it extremely hard to make ends meet in the new city.

The deteriorating business, forces Rasool’s family to first mortgage & then sell out their ancestral home, which is very hard on Rasool’s aged father.

Nasir’s wife (on the other hand) blames him for their hardships in the new city & continuously urges Nasir to return to ancestral city, hoping against hope of comparatively better life back in hometown. Nasir resists his wife’s hints.

Rasool finds it difficult to rent a house, facing discrimination owing to his religion & recent riots & even Muslim families abstain from renting out to Muslims with fears that a Muslim family would skip out on rent if they decided to leave the city.

Rasool’s other son Raza, now a graduate starts showing signs of extreme frustration as he undergoes a long string of unsuccessful job interviews. He starts attributing his failures to his religion & communal polarization in the city.

Raza and his group of friends become disillusioned and start an agitation against unemployment and discrimination, but Rasool prohibits Raza from taking part.


Rasool’s aged father shattered with the loss of ancestral property suffers a stroke & dies.

A midst these problems, Raza is arrested by the police on charges of espionage & sedation. This devastates the whole family. Rasool seek help from his son Nasir who is himself in trouble not being able to sustain a living in the new city.


Nasir returns to his city of origin only to find that his family is being shunned in public, his friends from his community abstain from talking to him because he is considered to be brother of a terrorist. Humiliating whisper campaign continues.

Rasool’s long aversion to leaving city finally breaks down & he decides in anger to leave the city along with Nasir & his family.

I am not sure what happens next. Not sure if Raza was ever acquitted, whether Rasool actually moves out of the city, not sure what Nazir & his wife decides.

What I am sure is that none of us will understand that we can stop this story to be written as “A Real Life story”. As I said at the start “Communal Riots are just round the corner friends. I bet India will burn just before elections”

कुछ कहना चाहोगे ?

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