How about strike on the issue of, “Increase compensation for death, bodily injuries & loss of property”.


Sipping his morning tea, Ramlal, was absorbed in front page headline that read, “Police shot dead 34 striking workers. The strike was illegal but workers were striking peacefully, from last 45 days. Men were shot & women were lathee-charged”

‘This is absolutely illogical. No work for 45 days is in itself violent. Obviously neither industry owner, nor administration or police could stay idle for any long. Someone had to break the status-quo. 2-3 days of peaceful protest is bearable but how can anyone expect peace if peaceful strike continues for 45 days?’ Ramlal ‘the capitalist’ contemplated.

Spare a thought for poor police force; positioned 24X7 at strike site for 45 days waiting for order from superiors. Good that finally good sense prevailed & boring peaceful in-action was replaced by exhilarating violent action.

State announced compensation for death, bodily injuries & loss of property. State’s perfect ‘balancing act’. After-all, state has been acting as a broker for Ramlal, “the capitalist” by forcing workers to adhere to Ramlal’s schedule.

It can be a matter of great inquisitiveness for some that how does State decides how much damage there is to make up for in case of death, bodily injuries etc; like it is a matter of great disappointment for Kajri (wife of a striking worker who only managed to get minor bodily injuries) that she will only be getting 10% of what Rani is going to get (Rani lost her ‘marad’, husband in police firing). Kajri has no qualms about being extremely upset with her husband who couldn’t find live police bullet.


Brilliant; State has successfully boosted the morale of people to start trading life for compensation.

Look at the irony. We (common people) can’t (anymore) ask for better working conditions, better wages, food, shelter, justice but can request to increase the compensation for death. How about strike on the issue of, “Increase compensation for death, bodily injuries & loss of property”.


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