Disguise : profound way of discovering truth : nearing extinction in today’s democratic societies


Last night, just like every other night, Ramlal (no not the capitalist or policeman), was reading her daughter a story form the famous Arabian nights.

Harun-Al-Rashid, caliph of Baghdad, reputed to have condemned one of his subject to death, who so charmed him with her stories from evening to evening for thousand nights that he delayed her execution and eventually ended marrying her.

Thousand nights would make approx. 2 years & 7 months. Arabaian night doesn’t elaborate on what happened after marriage. 

Ramlal, however, passed the whole of last night wondering, what would have happened after marriage.  The other known/written fact about Harun-Al-Rashid is that he usually disguised himself as a beggar in order to discover what his subjects were thinking. Ramlal believes that this profound way of discovering truth using tricky ways   would have only come to him after marriage.  


Authoritarian Harun-Al-rashid is not the only one about whom we have heard using these tricks. There have been others surrounded by the flatterers, who cluster around the absolute power, resorting to multiple ways to understand the real issues of the public.

While despot throughout history have used disguise as a way of discovery, the art seems to be nearing extinction in today’s democratic societies. The only thing relatable about today’s democracies seems to be Chinese adage, ‘dynasties rise and fall but the life of a peasant changes little’.  

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