Hurray its Election time : Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat






Hurray! It’s election time. With farewell to ‘hall of shame – our 15th Lok Sabha’, that’s what the headline in morning newspapers was today; everyone’s getting ready for election. Current Prime Minster being only exception; who perhaps he will retire from active politics now. 

Ramlal who’s a passionate admirer of ‘run-ups to election’ season is a little bemused this time round. Admirer because these run-ups are the only free/easy source of information on what government did & did not do in its 5 year tenure (not all lok sabha lasted stipulated duration though). Incumbents & Challengers both locking horns on almost everything. 

Not that things have changed since 1st lok sabha when (as Ramlal’s great grandfather tells him. Of course he is still alive! He is cursed to live till eternity. Remember the famous adage; those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat.) JP and Kriplani were critical of INC for moving away from original Gandhian ideals. Ramlal just read that Gandhis are back in action & have joined challenger’s side



Everyone knows JP & Kriplani lost just like Rajaji lost in 3rd Lok Sabha battle. 

The issues that Rajaji fought against were Incumbent’s policy of license raj. He advocated Free trade. Illusion it was then, illusion it is as this new party is claiming that Incumbent is still being funded by big business houses. 


The new ideological anarchist who just filed an FIR against ‘Fund-God’ is destined to fall; (remember that adage those who do not….)

How can Ramlal forget the stimulating affect of “Garibi Hatao” (5th Lok sabha) slogan? Incumbent is thinking of a similar stimulating affect this time with “Bharat Nirman” 


Ramlal voted her to power with thumping majority after listening to “Garibi Hatao. Incumbent is sure “Bharat Nirman” will do the trick this time round. 


That thumping majority ended in big fall as she emerged as the most corrupt despot we ever saw. Ramlal till date gag about ‘kitchen garden’ and ‘kitchen cabinet’ of the most corrupt despot.  

Ramlal, I hope has learnt from his past (else the adage….. those who do not…)

Halt! Halt! Ramlal now has to get ready for his work. He will be back in his next post where he will talk about 7th to 14th Lok Sabha. 

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