Is there anything wrong in voting for these reasons; instant cash; quick favor & few evenings full of free drinks and CHICKEN TIKKA?


Aadya who is 10 years old lives with her parents and an older sister Aanandi in Delhi, India. Aadya’s father works in a firm specializing in analytics. Aadya’s parents met at college. For a few years her mother worked in publishing, but when aanandi was born she decided to concentrate on raising a family. Now that both aadya and aanandi attend school she does voluntary work. The family lives in a three storey house. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large drawing cum dining room and a modern kitchen.

Aadya’s father and his firm jointly contribute to his retirement pension. He also makes monthly payments into a scheme with the bank that will cover college education for aadya and aanandi. The family’s assests and their lives are insured. Aadya’s parents often remark that because inflation is high they have to be careful with the money and they are. Nevertheless they own two cars; the children attend extra-curricular camps and the family take vacation together every year. Aadya’s father is sure that aadya’s generation will be more prosperous than theirs. Aadya wants to become a doctor.

500 meters away from Aadya’s home lives Rupa. She is about 10 years old, lives with her parents and 5 siblings. The family lives in a two room, small house. Rupa’s father is a daily wage manual worker. Rupa’s elder brother helps his father at the construction site where he is employed. The small cash income that Rupa’s father earns at the end of the day is used to feed the family of 8. In order to supplement their household income, Rupa’s mother works at local grocery store. As she is also responsible for cooking, cleaning and minding the infants her work day usually lasts 14 hours. Despite the long hours it wouldn’t be possible for her to complete the tasks on her own. So Rupa and her older sister help their mother with household chores and mind their young siblings. Rupa’s younger brother attends the local school but neither Rupa nor her older sister has time to enroll there. Her parents can neither write nor read.

Rupa knows that she will be married (in all likelihood to a daily wage manual worker like her father) in about 5-6 years from now and will then liver on her husband’s meager wage. She expects her life to that of her mother.

That the lives of these two girls are enormously different is visible; but girls are intrinsically very similar. They both enjoy playing, eating and gossiping, they are close to their families and they turn to their mothers when in distress, they like pretty things to wear.

In-fact their parents are also alike. They both are knowledgeable about the ways of their world. They care about their families, are always in lookout for ways to increase income & are generally worried about their survival/standard of living.


Aadya and Rupa cannot vote. But their father’s will vote. While Aadya’s father has the wherewithal to vote for a candidate who he thinks will help India surge on path of development and growth, Rupa’s father is ready to vote for anyone who promises him some instant cash, some instant favor & few evenings full of free drinks & CHICKEN TIKKA.

Is there anything wrong in voting for these reasons; instant cash; quick favor & few evenings full of free drinks and chicken tikka?

कुछ कहना चाहोगे ?

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