Keyword : Sex : most sought after on the internet

Ramlal is inquisitive beyond imagination. As the New Year is crack of dawn away, Ramlal ‘the curious one’ tried to ask the new age god “GOOGLE” yesterday night, “What is it that his brothers and sisters in India searched for the most in the year gone by?”

And as always, “GOOGLE –THE REAL GOD” obliged with more than 10,000 results within 0.4 sec. This is what popped up; It’s “Sunny Leone” and not “PM Modi” that is most sought after on the internet; both literally as well as metaphorically.


This piece of information did not come as a surprise to Ramlal. I think he always knew that, Modi is a search keyword for “mental jerk off” while Sunny Leone is what you need when it comes to “pocket pool” in those moment of privacy.

What confused Ramlal was the next piece of information. The most sought after keyword on Internet for Indians is “sex”& not “Love”. Please do not misunderstand his confusion. He is not confused how Sex can be more searched than Love. Ramlal is wondering that what the difference between the two is? Considering that majority of Indians use these two as synonyms I think Ramlal’s confusion has merit.IMG-20141220-WA0003

So he then tried multiple search strings to find out the difference. One result differentiated the two as, “While love is a feeling, sex is an act”. The other set them apart as “there is no exact “right” definition of Love while all kinds of sex have some things in common and hence easy to define”

Ramlal wants to start his new year with clarity. Do you know what is the difference between Sex & love?

कुछ कहना चाहोगे ?

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