Politics : Lies, damned lies, and statistics


Ramlal’s NANAJEE (maternal grandfather) had this unique manner of explaining tough concepts. For some his satire was simple outstanding. He once told Ramlal that for majority of people principles are like gold jewellery. Just like gold jewellery is for weddings, festivities and special occasion one should talk about principles occasionally, say couple of times a year. For rest of the days as jewellery is for lockers; safe and sound, so should be principles. That’s the way of politics. That’s the way to success.

Obviously Ramlal was too young to understand. But now that Ramlal is in his late thirty’s he has some appreciation of the world around him. He now has a fair understanding that we currently have a self-professed progressive government at the center, so committed to BHARAT NIRMAN that it is spending more than 400 crore on advertisement handouts. What for? Just to reiterate its progressiveness.

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Ramal is equally aware of another 500 crore spend by challenger; another self professed ‘development messiah’ who has repeatedly lost his face on account of raping the secular structure of our country; presiding over the mass murder on communal ground. But then as they say, ‘CHODO KAL KI BAATAIN KAL KI BAAT PURANI’ (loosely translated in English as forget the past, that’s gone by)

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Anyways as the rumors about on airtime being leased, front page of newspaper being bought, media house’s collaboration with political parties, started making rounds Ramlal, wisely though, decided that he will devote equal amount of time for each party. Hence, impartially he devotes a day to a party, party sponsored advertisements & party sponsored news. He thinks that this is the only way through which he will get a fair understanding of each party’s view & counter-view.









He followed his routine for a while. Here’s what Ramlal now understands about India’s current situation.

What he gets sure about on Mon-Wed & Fri?

Our prime minister is simply the finest example of a man who came to office with an impeccable track record and will now without question leave with his reputation irreparably damaged. His integrity; 2G spectrum scam, the coal block allocation & Antrix-devas deal, all scams that lead directly to his doorstop; is now questionable. His ‘coalition dharma’ remark makes him & his corrupt party  a no-option in the current election

& alternatively

UPA’s BHARAT NIRMAN dream has more-or-less come true. Primarily because of impeccable policy execution & sheer commitment to fulfill all promises that party made in last lok sabha elections.

On Sundays

India’s only hope is group of ‘clean’ candidates. Some of them working professionals, others with exemplary work records (either in corporate or social/public sectors) are preparing for lok sabha elections. This is the middle-class opportunity to seize the day.

It is increasingly getting confusing for Ramlal who just refuses to go with tide and insist on facts. As for facts RAMLAL’s NANAJI (wise old man) has another adage which goes like this, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”


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