3 Wise Souls : Part 1 : Introduction


Once upon a time in a far away village lived three wise souls. It is believed that the village was blessed with the wise souls by the God himself; that these souls were a gift they earned through their pious virtues. No one knows since how long these three wise souls were living in the village. What is known is that they were since time immemorial, ever-present. What is also known is that they were the primary reason for village’s prosperity.

One of the wise souls was female while the other two were male

Her name was – art. She had an attractive figure, glossy skin, slender eyebrows, velvety eyelashes, elegant nose, shiny white teeth, varnished fingernails, molten red hair or better ebony black hair, rapture blue eyes, syrup sweet lips & an extremely joyous personality. Her voice was soothing.


One of the two men was – Dharma meaning what is established or firm & hence law, order, duty, custom. As the name suggest Dharma was an old white bearded man with loads of experience & always righteous, most respected almost like the almighty.


The third soul was – Science; the increasingly powerful, logical & myth-buster. Science had some mind-blowing hymns (MANTRA), using which he could light up the village during nights. He always worked on the directions of art & dharma. He had no free will. Even if he had any he never exercised that free will. The ever helpful science relentlessly worked towards making life of the villagers easy through his inventions & discoveries.


So the three souls were living in that village & village was prosperous & full of joy.

Then one day another soul entered the scene. She came straight to the three wise souls and pleaded with folded hands, “my name is politics. It is my wish to stay along with you three & serve the people of this village”


Art: we live in tough conditions. Our purpose is to live for others, to serve

Politics: & I want to join the cause. I have my own character; I provide system, rules, and regulations. I am the only source for order.

Dharma: everyone in this village is dutiful, high on morals. Everyone lives for everyone else. There is already order, system in the village.

Art: At the same time, look at your demeanor. You are shrewd & clever. You are full of impatience. You come across as totally untrustworthy & your manner exhibits crookedness.

Dharma:  Thirst for wealth can’t co-exist with principal of self-sacrificing service. You are not made for this politics

Science: I don’t have eyes. But I have other senses. I can smell greed & deceit as your primary characters. Are you sure you want to be a part of our “Self-sacrificing Service mission?”

Politics: (started crying): I had only one aim in my life; to work with three wise souls. All I want is a chance. Fair chance is my right. But it seems that you three will not allow me to be part of Service mission. Seems you have monopolize the area of “Service”

Dharma: (well aware of her theatrics): you are mistaken politics. No one is trying to corner you. It is just that basis our assessment of your character we are trying to explain you that you are not made for self-sacrificing service. But if you insist let us give you a chance. You can live with us for a period of 3 days

So what happened next…?

(Well! I am feeling sleepy now. Will continue tomorrow….)…. Let me know if you would want to know “what happened next?”

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