3 Wise Souls : Part II : Emergence of the Queen


So for next day onward, politics started following Art, Dharma & science. Stealing an unguarded moment she started what came naturally to her, gazing at innocent villagers & trying to charm them with her appearance.  She had high desire, wanted wealth, desired grand & opulent life.

Trickery came next & as time passed her sensational impression helped her reach the top seat of power. She was crowned as Village Queen.

When the news reached three wise souls, they said, “Good news! She was destined to rule.”

Nothing much changed in the life of villagers as well as three wise souls. The newly crowned queen & her influence remained confined to her palace. Villagers continued with their normal routine & continued to consult three wise souls in all matters pertaining to their well being. Politics didn’t like that much.

Like trickery she was an expert in diplomacy. She sent a messenger to bring three wise souls to her palace.


Messenger (to three wise souls): Sirs, her majesty wishes to see you all at her palace. She sent me to escort you all.

Art: Messenger! We are commoner. What will we do in a palace? We belong here

Messenger: Queen is one of your old servant (oops! I mean disciple). She sent me to invite you all with folded hands for an evening in palace

Dharma (to art): always remember, one should always accept an invitation received from old disciple. Messenger is insisting and we must honour that. Let’s go

So Art, Dharma & Science along with messenger reached Queen’s palace. Queen immediately ordered their arrest. All three wise souls were immediately arrested & moved to high security state guest house; house arrest.

SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? that’s in the next post.


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