3 Wise Souls: Part III : Queen’s Supremacy


With Queen ruling the roost & art, dharma and science her prisoners; life of villagers started to change. For villagers three wise souls were their guiding source, solace in time of unease & educators that always guided them on the right path.

One day villagers gathered at the palace gate & collectively requested the queen (politics) to release three wise souls.

Queen (Politics): You are all mistaken. How can I even think of detaining three wise souls? I am their humble servant; just like you all are. For me they are my GURUS. But it is important for us to give them some rest as well. All three have been tirelessly working for the village since time immemorial. All I have done is requested them to take some rest for a few days. To regain lost health, soon they will back with you all.

For Villagers this assurance was enough. Soon their guides will be back with them. They returned back with hope of meeting three wise souls soon.

Time passed & when patience ran out, villagers again gathered in front of the palace. They requested the Queen (politics) again

Queen (politics): Let them rest. It is not important for you to have direct interaction with them. In-fact to manage individual needs we now have a full force of trained royal guards who have been trained by the three wise souls. These royal guards are equally capable of showing you the path. Why don’t you ask your queries, clear your doubts & seek advice from these royal guards. Three wise souls are extremely busy solving bigger issues of state craft”

So Royal guards took over; but as expected these royal committees were no match.

Royal Art Committee spread lust, despondency, and frustration, no imagination, lost spirit


Royal Dharma committee broadcast hypocrisy, pomp and hatred


Royal Science committee preached violence, war craft & vengeance


Villagers soon realized that these committees were not teaching what three wise souls stood for. They could not tolerate this gimmickry anymore.  They again gathered at the palace gate & out of disgust demanded release of three wise souls. The only difference this time was that not all villagers were demanding this. Some who got lured by committee’s propaganda changed sides

What happened next? Oops!! Sorry but how about waiting till tomorrow

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