3 Wise Souls: Part IV : Beginning of Destruction


Queen did not pay heed to villagers demand. Back in the prison Dharma asked Science

Dharma: you are mightiest of all, miracle man of new world. I am sure you can help us get free with just one stroke of might ways

Science: (to Dharma): Remember Dharma I told you at the start as well. I do not have my own free will. I do what is being told by my master. Till few months back you two (art & Dharma) were my masters & I did as you directed. Now my master is deceitful Politics. It is her wish which is now my command. & her wish is that should remain silent onlooker while her tactics & plots continue to unfold.


Queen (politics) continued her trickery. One of her best tricks was to ensure complete ban on free & independent thoughts. No one was allowed to think, no one was anymore allowed to have a distinct opinion. Her committees started a campaign around hatred, violence in name of patriotism. Oppression was taught as valor & gallantry.

Then one day she called for a mass meeting. She made it mandatory for each villager to attend. She then gave her most important & famous sermon

Queen: You are living in extreme penury. What you call contentment is actually an illusion. What you think is renouncement is your incapability. What you call peace is sluggishness. Look around you. Look at your neighbors. See how prosperous they are. Look at the luxury they are enjoying. They have heavy gold reserves. Attack them, plunder their wealth, win their territory, their cattle & make all that they have justifiably yours.

Village Surpanch: But this lust for what is not ours is not a good virtue. Dharma, the great soul, taught us all?

Queen: you are fool just like Dharma is. Live by the sword and everything will be yours. Land, cattle, gold, luxury & everything else that you can think of is up for grabs. One’s might decide who the owner is.

Villagers: but our neighbors are stronger.

Queen: You have science. It’s just that you have never unleashed his power. It is now time.

She then summoned Science. Dutifully Science obliged. Neighbors were demolished; screams everyplace; dead bodies everywhere; blood & destruction all around.


What happened next? In fact if I can ask what do you think what will happen next?

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