Sir I was not at the crime scene. Crime scene came to my door – Part 2.

Ramlal’s shrewd explanation that all men are equal & it doesn’t matter who goes to the gallows because it’s the same god who is being hanged every time left Hawaldar bewildered. Ramlal continued, “now that you have collected evidence and also have suspect, followed by a FIR what is going to be your next step?”

Hawaldar, “well I would say, maybe, convincing the judge that suspect has committed the crime?”

Ramlal, “Absolutely; and for that you need eyewitnesses. Do you know who’s an eyewitness; not who has seen but who will say that he has seen!”

Hawaldar, “why would anyone do that?”

Ramlal, “what kind of question is that hawaldar? How long you have been with the department? You should always have a list of eyewitnesses. Use it when you want to use & the way you want to use. I have a pool of 10-15 eyewitnesses who witness at-least 200-300 crimes in a year. & believe it or not even courts accept their statements. After all we are from the land of SANJAY, an advisor to the king with gift of seeing events at a distance. Do you know who to create a pool of eyewitnesses?”

Hawaldar, “how?”

Ramlal, “get me a group of 2-3 rag-pickers, about 5-6 drug peddlers and a few thugs”

Next morning, 9 gems were there in Ramlal’s court, courtesy Hawaldar.

Ramlal, “did you see this man brutally beat-up victim to death?”

9 Gems hesitantly, “No sir, we were not there” They were not sure what was better for them; agreeing or disagreeing

Ramlal, “I agree you were not there, but that’s not what I am asking. Listen carefully. You saw this man lynch victim to death?”

9 gems thought Ramlal has gone mad, what else could be the reason for his gobbledygook. 1 of them even laughed.

Ramlal, “don’t laugh. Please answer”

9 gems, “Sir we were not there. How do you expect us to see what happened when we were not there?”

Ramlal shouted, “Did you see this man lynch victim to death? Either say yes or you thugs will be in jail. Choose quickly”

9 gems, “yes sir, this man came out of his house got in a scuffle with victim, lynch him to death”

Ramlal, “Good. Do you think you can support me by being at other crime scenes also? I mean a permanent eyewitness?”

9 gems, “sure sir. We will ensure full co-operation.”

Hawaldar was speechless. He quickly recorded statements, started to understand how to connect the dots.

A watertight case was presented in the court. Courts issued its verdict. Onlooker was found guilty of the crime & was sent to gallows.

CONDITION SERIOUS HOTI JA RAHI HAI. In my next post we will see the consequences of the verdict

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