Sir I was not at the crime scene. Crime scene came to my door.


Science tells us that Moon doesn’t have life.

But that’s Science. Senior police inspector Ramlal argues otherwise, “Science & Scientist are liars. Truth is that there is life on Moon. In-fact moon has a fully fledged civilization”

Well, I will go by Ramlal. He has defeated science many a times. Every time science argued that finger prints on the knife with which victim was killed is not of accused, Ramlal has always managed to come out a winner; that is “accused is guilty”. No point going in details; hook or crook Ramlal is far better than science.

That’s Ramlal for you; his argument on life on moon is also extremely simple, “Science & scientists are only aware about the brighter side of the moon. They don’t know what’s on the other side. It is on the other side that a fully fledged civilization is flourishing.”

Well, I will again take Ramlal’s side. After all, Ramlal is expert in investigating the darker side of crime scene. In-fact he has a unique style of functioning. Other day he was investigating a murder case. During investigation he asked a junior hawaldar, “BHAI, it’s a murder case. In such cases we must collect solid evidence. Correct?”

Hawaldar, “Well! Sir we’ll have to catch hold of the murderer first. Only then we will start collecting evidence. Correct sir?”

Ramlal, “No that’s the wrong way hawaldar. Collect evidence first. Did you find any blood stains? Blood stains on anyone’s clothes?”

Hawaldar, “Sir, the man who shot the victim ran away. Victim was lying on the street. A bystander picked the victim and brought him to the hospital. There are blood stains on bystander’s clothes”

Ramlal, “Arrest him !!”

Hawaldar, “no no he didn’t do anything, he just helped the victim”

Ramlal, “that’s ok. But where else will you go to find blood stains? Hawaldar always remember collect whatever evidence you can collect. We will connect the dots later.”

So Hawaldar arrested the onlooker and brought him in front of Ramlal. “What were you doing at the crime scene?”

Passerby, “sir, I did not go to the crime scene. Actually, Victim was shot dead in front of my house”

Ramlal, “well you have a house is ok. But why were you at the crime scene?”

Passerby, “Sir I was not at the crime scene. Crime scene came to my door. You understand what I mean?”

& this continued for a while. Ramlal further explained the whole process of investigation to hawaldar, “See, a man has been killed and that’s for sure. Now if a man has been killed obviously there is someone who has killed him. So someone needs to be nabbed. Someone must be produced in the court as accused. It is not important who that is till the time you can connect the dots & prove your case. Rest is for court to decide. And always remember, all men are equal. Who are we to differentiate?”

Hawaldar, “but sir how fair is it to punish someone who has not committed the crime?”

Ramlal, “What did I just tell you. All men are equal & must be treated as equals. All are sons of God. Whether you end up punishing a guilty or otherwise, it is God who will be hanged. Your conscious is clear; did you not find blood stains on his clothes? Now, where will you find another one with blood stains? Your job is to file an F.I.R”

CONDITION SERIOUS HOTI JA RAHI HAI. Now in my next post we will see how Ramlal will prove the case in the court.

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