Naxalism : This PARALLEL government is justifiably democratic as it instills a feeling of by the people, from the people, of the people.




Ramlal, the commoner is an enthusiastic reader. About a day back he came across an article written by Nobel winning economist Dr Amrtya Sen. Dr Sen in his article suggests that the greatest find and invention of the twentieth century is mankind’s consensus on the notion that among all systems of government that there are, democracy is the best and most useful for it.

Dr. Sen believes that democracy is a far important & useful find than man’s stepping on the moon, flying machines, computer and other scientific inventions. The democratic system with all its faults is better than all other systems of government; India’s biggest achievement being that since winning freedom from British rule on 15th August 1947 governments in India have changed through the ballot. (Obviously with hard-to-erase blot of emergency)



Ramalal, the commoner like Dr. Sen is devoted to concept of democracy. All he knows about democracy is that it is a form of government that is by the people, of the people and for the people.

He voted for a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT which is of him, for him & by him. Today his PARALLEL government functions in approx. 180 districts spread across 9 Indian states. Government of India has given it a all different names & colors; e.g Naxalism, Red corridor, Internal Terrorism, single largest threat to Indian state etc



But for RAMLAL (just like Dr. Sen would suggest) it’s a hard fought success & like any other state in the world every statesman of this region is ready to die for their right to democracy.

PARALLEL government’s slogan is, “jal, jungle, zameen hamara hai” (water, forest and land is ours). Understandably, this demand is just. 


This parallel government has distributed and granted of right of ownership of farm land to the tillers who are its real owners. DO YOU FIND THIS UNJUST OR UNDEMOCRATIC?

This parallel government has distributed Natural resources of forest lands to the dwellers. DO YOU FIND ANYTHIGN UNMERITED IN THIS?

This parallel government has given Right of self governance & autonomy to the dwellers.

In Ramlal’s view this PARALLEL government is justifiably democratic as it instills a feeling of by the people, from the people, of the people.