Sir I was not at the crime scene. Crime scene came to my door.



Science tells us that Moon doesn’t have life.

But that’s Science. Senior police inspector Ramlal argues otherwise, “Science & Scientist are liars. Truth is that there is life on Moon. In-fact moon has a fully fledged civilization”

Well, I will go by Ramlal. He has defeated science many a times. Every time science argued that finger prints on the knife with which victim was killed is not of accused, Ramlal has always managed to come out a winner; that is “accused is guilty”. No point going in details; hook or crook Ramlal is far better than science.

That’s Ramlal for you; his argument on life on moon is also extremely simple, “Science & scientists are only aware about the brighter side of the moon. They don’t know what’s on the other side. It is on the other side that a fully fledged civilization is flourishing.”

Well, I will again take Ramlal’s side. After all, Ramlal is expert in investigating the darker side of crime scene. In-fact he has a unique style of functioning. Other day he was investigating a murder case. During investigation he asked a junior hawaldar, “BHAI, it’s a murder case. In such cases we must collect solid evidence. Correct?”

Hawaldar, “Well! Sir we’ll have to catch hold of the murderer first. Only then we will start collecting evidence. Correct sir?”

Ramlal, “No that’s the wrong way hawaldar. Collect evidence first. Did you find any blood stains? Blood stains on anyone’s clothes?”

Hawaldar, “Sir, the man who shot the victim ran away. Victim was lying on the street. A bystander picked the victim and brought him to the hospital. There are blood stains on bystander’s clothes”

Ramlal, “Arrest him !!”

Hawaldar, “no no he didn’t do anything, he just helped the victim”

Ramlal, “that’s ok. But where else will you go to find blood stains? Hawaldar always remember collect whatever evidence you can collect. We will connect the dots later.”

So Hawaldar arrested the onlooker and brought him in front of Ramlal. “What were you doing at the crime scene?”

Passerby, “sir, I did not go to the crime scene. Actually, Victim was shot dead in front of my house”

Ramlal, “well you have a house is ok. But why were you at the crime scene?”

Passerby, “Sir I was not at the crime scene. Crime scene came to my door. You understand what I mean?”

& this continued for a while. Ramlal further explained the whole process of investigation to hawaldar, “See, a man has been killed and that’s for sure. Now if a man has been killed obviously there is someone who has killed him. So someone needs to be nabbed. Someone must be produced in the court as accused. It is not important who that is till the time you can connect the dots & prove your case. Rest is for court to decide. And always remember, all men are equal. Who are we to differentiate?”

Hawaldar, “but sir how fair is it to punish someone who has not committed the crime?”

Ramlal, “What did I just tell you. All men are equal & must be treated as equals. All are sons of God. Whether you end up punishing a guilty or otherwise, it is God who will be hanged. Your conscious is clear; did you not find blood stains on his clothes? Now, where will you find another one with blood stains? Your job is to file an F.I.R”

CONDITION SERIOUS HOTI JA RAHI HAI. Now in my next post we will see how Ramlal will prove the case in the court.

Sir I was not at the crime scene. Crime scene came to my door – Part 2.


Ramlal’s shrewd explanation that all men are equal & it doesn’t matter who goes to the gallows because it’s the same god who is being hanged every time left Hawaldar bewildered. Ramlal continued, “now that you have collected evidence and also have suspect, followed by a FIR what is going to be your next step?”

Hawaldar, “well I would say, maybe, convincing the judge that suspect has committed the crime?”

Ramlal, “Absolutely; and for that you need eyewitnesses. Do you know who’s an eyewitness; not who has seen but who will say that he has seen!”

Hawaldar, “why would anyone do that?”

Ramlal, “what kind of question is that hawaldar? How long you have been with the department? You should always have a list of eyewitnesses. Use it when you want to use & the way you want to use. I have a pool of 10-15 eyewitnesses who witness at-least 200-300 crimes in a year. & believe it or not even courts accept their statements. After all we are from the land of SANJAY, an advisor to the king with gift of seeing events at a distance. Do you know who to create a pool of eyewitnesses?”

Hawaldar, “how?”

Ramlal, “get me a group of 2-3 rag-pickers, about 5-6 drug peddlers and a few thugs”

Next morning, 9 gems were there in Ramlal’s court, courtesy Hawaldar.

Ramlal, “did you see this man brutally beat-up victim to death?”

9 Gems hesitantly, “No sir, we were not there” They were not sure what was better for them; agreeing or disagreeing

Ramlal, “I agree you were not there, but that’s not what I am asking. Listen carefully. You saw this man lynch victim to death?”

9 gems thought Ramlal has gone mad, what else could be the reason for his gobbledygook. 1 of them even laughed.

Ramlal, “don’t laugh. Please answer”

9 gems, “Sir we were not there. How do you expect us to see what happened when we were not there?”

Ramlal shouted, “Did you see this man lynch victim to death? Either say yes or you thugs will be in jail. Choose quickly”

9 gems, “yes sir, this man came out of his house got in a scuffle with victim, lynch him to death”

Ramlal, “Good. Do you think you can support me by being at other crime scenes also? I mean a permanent eyewitness?”

9 gems, “sure sir. We will ensure full co-operation.”

Hawaldar was speechless. He quickly recorded statements, started to understand how to connect the dots.

A watertight case was presented in the court. Courts issued its verdict. Onlooker was found guilty of the crime & was sent to gallows.

CONDITION SERIOUS HOTI JA RAHI HAI. In my next post we will see the consequences of the verdict

3 Wise Souls: Part IV : Beginning of Destruction



Queen did not pay heed to villagers demand. Back in the prison Dharma asked Science

Dharma: you are mightiest of all, miracle man of new world. I am sure you can help us get free with just one stroke of might ways

Science: (to Dharma): Remember Dharma I told you at the start as well. I do not have my own free will. I do what is being told by my master. Till few months back you two (art & Dharma) were my masters & I did as you directed. Now my master is deceitful Politics. It is her wish which is now my command. & her wish is that should remain silent onlooker while her tactics & plots continue to unfold.


Queen (politics) continued her trickery. One of her best tricks was to ensure complete ban on free & independent thoughts. No one was allowed to think, no one was anymore allowed to have a distinct opinion. Her committees started a campaign around hatred, violence in name of patriotism. Oppression was taught as valor & gallantry.

Then one day she called for a mass meeting. She made it mandatory for each villager to attend. She then gave her most important & famous sermon

Queen: You are living in extreme penury. What you call contentment is actually an illusion. What you think is renouncement is your incapability. What you call peace is sluggishness. Look around you. Look at your neighbors. See how prosperous they are. Look at the luxury they are enjoying. They have heavy gold reserves. Attack them, plunder their wealth, win their territory, their cattle & make all that they have justifiably yours.

Village Surpanch: But this lust for what is not ours is not a good virtue. Dharma, the great soul, taught us all?

Queen: you are fool just like Dharma is. Live by the sword and everything will be yours. Land, cattle, gold, luxury & everything else that you can think of is up for grabs. One’s might decide who the owner is.

Villagers: but our neighbors are stronger.

Queen: You have science. It’s just that you have never unleashed his power. It is now time.

She then summoned Science. Dutifully Science obliged. Neighbors were demolished; screams everyplace; dead bodies everywhere; blood & destruction all around.


What happened next? In fact if I can ask what do you think what will happen next?

3 Wise Souls: Part III : Queen’s Supremacy



With Queen ruling the roost & art, dharma and science her prisoners; life of villagers started to change. For villagers three wise souls were their guiding source, solace in time of unease & educators that always guided them on the right path.

One day villagers gathered at the palace gate & collectively requested the queen (politics) to release three wise souls.

Queen (Politics): You are all mistaken. How can I even think of detaining three wise souls? I am their humble servant; just like you all are. For me they are my GURUS. But it is important for us to give them some rest as well. All three have been tirelessly working for the village since time immemorial. All I have done is requested them to take some rest for a few days. To regain lost health, soon they will back with you all.

For Villagers this assurance was enough. Soon their guides will be back with them. They returned back with hope of meeting three wise souls soon.

Time passed & when patience ran out, villagers again gathered in front of the palace. They requested the Queen (politics) again

Queen (politics): Let them rest. It is not important for you to have direct interaction with them. In-fact to manage individual needs we now have a full force of trained royal guards who have been trained by the three wise souls. These royal guards are equally capable of showing you the path. Why don’t you ask your queries, clear your doubts & seek advice from these royal guards. Three wise souls are extremely busy solving bigger issues of state craft”

So Royal guards took over; but as expected these royal committees were no match.

Royal Art Committee spread lust, despondency, and frustration, no imagination, lost spirit


Royal Dharma committee broadcast hypocrisy, pomp and hatred


Royal Science committee preached violence, war craft & vengeance


Villagers soon realized that these committees were not teaching what three wise souls stood for. They could not tolerate this gimmickry anymore.  They again gathered at the palace gate & out of disgust demanded release of three wise souls. The only difference this time was that not all villagers were demanding this. Some who got lured by committee’s propaganda changed sides

What happened next? Oops!! Sorry but how about waiting till tomorrow

3 Wise Souls : Part II : Emergence of the Queen



So for next day onward, politics started following Art, Dharma & science. Stealing an unguarded moment she started what came naturally to her, gazing at innocent villagers & trying to charm them with her appearance.  She had high desire, wanted wealth, desired grand & opulent life.

Trickery came next & as time passed her sensational impression helped her reach the top seat of power. She was crowned as Village Queen.

When the news reached three wise souls, they said, “Good news! She was destined to rule.”

Nothing much changed in the life of villagers as well as three wise souls. The newly crowned queen & her influence remained confined to her palace. Villagers continued with their normal routine & continued to consult three wise souls in all matters pertaining to their well being. Politics didn’t like that much.

Like trickery she was an expert in diplomacy. She sent a messenger to bring three wise souls to her palace.


Messenger (to three wise souls): Sirs, her majesty wishes to see you all at her palace. She sent me to escort you all.

Art: Messenger! We are commoner. What will we do in a palace? We belong here

Messenger: Queen is one of your old servant (oops! I mean disciple). She sent me to invite you all with folded hands for an evening in palace

Dharma (to art): always remember, one should always accept an invitation received from old disciple. Messenger is insisting and we must honour that. Let’s go

So Art, Dharma & Science along with messenger reached Queen’s palace. Queen immediately ordered their arrest. All three wise souls were immediately arrested & moved to high security state guest house; house arrest.

SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? that’s in the next post.


3 Wise Souls : Part 1 : Introduction



Once upon a time in a far away village lived three wise souls. It is believed that the village was blessed with the wise souls by the God himself; that these souls were a gift they earned through their pious virtues. No one knows since how long these three wise souls were living in the village. What is known is that they were since time immemorial, ever-present. What is also known is that they were the primary reason for village’s prosperity.

One of the wise souls was female while the other two were male

Her name was – art. She had an attractive figure, glossy skin, slender eyebrows, velvety eyelashes, elegant nose, shiny white teeth, varnished fingernails, molten red hair or better ebony black hair, rapture blue eyes, syrup sweet lips & an extremely joyous personality. Her voice was soothing.


One of the two men was – Dharma meaning what is established or firm & hence law, order, duty, custom. As the name suggest Dharma was an old white bearded man with loads of experience & always righteous, most respected almost like the almighty.


The third soul was – Science; the increasingly powerful, logical & myth-buster. Science had some mind-blowing hymns (MANTRA), using which he could light up the village during nights. He always worked on the directions of art & dharma. He had no free will. Even if he had any he never exercised that free will. The ever helpful science relentlessly worked towards making life of the villagers easy through his inventions & discoveries.


So the three souls were living in that village & village was prosperous & full of joy.

Then one day another soul entered the scene. She came straight to the three wise souls and pleaded with folded hands, “my name is politics. It is my wish to stay along with you three & serve the people of this village”


Art: we live in tough conditions. Our purpose is to live for others, to serve

Politics: & I want to join the cause. I have my own character; I provide system, rules, and regulations. I am the only source for order.

Dharma: everyone in this village is dutiful, high on morals. Everyone lives for everyone else. There is already order, system in the village.

Art: At the same time, look at your demeanor. You are shrewd & clever. You are full of impatience. You come across as totally untrustworthy & your manner exhibits crookedness.

Dharma:  Thirst for wealth can’t co-exist with principal of self-sacrificing service. You are not made for this politics

Science: I don’t have eyes. But I have other senses. I can smell greed & deceit as your primary characters. Are you sure you want to be a part of our “Self-sacrificing Service mission?”

Politics: (started crying): I had only one aim in my life; to work with three wise souls. All I want is a chance. Fair chance is my right. But it seems that you three will not allow me to be part of Service mission. Seems you have monopolize the area of “Service”

Dharma: (well aware of her theatrics): you are mistaken politics. No one is trying to corner you. It is just that basis our assessment of your character we are trying to explain you that you are not made for self-sacrificing service. But if you insist let us give you a chance. You can live with us for a period of 3 days

So what happened next…?

(Well! I am feeling sleepy now. Will continue tomorrow….)…. Let me know if you would want to know “what happened next?”